THE SORS COLLECTIVE is back Wednesday October 7, 2020

THE SORS COLLECTIVE is back Wednesday October 7, 2020


Deltrease Hart-Anderson, the owner of D. Hart Accounting, joins us. At this meeting we will discuss the tax situations that business owners sometimes get into and the financial and legal consequences of these tax issues. Best of all, we’ll discuss how to resolve these tax situations favorably…or at least with minimal pain. We’ll also identify some of the existing tax credits that currently exist that you may not be taking advantage of as well as Covid-19 tax credits that you may not know exist.

Roxann Smithers (Smithers + Ume-Nwagbo, LLC) and Tiffany Wright (The Resourceful CEO) have joined forces to create The SORS Collective.  Sors is the Roman god of luck, wealth, and prosperity. The SORS Collective believes, as a business owner who is seeking to build a profitable, sustainable business that provides wealth for him or herself, their family, and others for this generation and beyond, you need a little luck, a wealth of knowledge, and a prosperity mindset.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 6:30 pm


Taxes: How to Get Your Business Out of a Bad Situation




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