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Mediation Services

Work with a Mediator Who Understands Your Business

Smithers Law Group, LLC, Your Trusted 360° General Counsel® offers knowledgeable mediation services for business owners, their customers, and vendors.  Whether you: (1) are looking to settle litigation focused on a business dispute, (2) want to resolve a dispute before going to court, (3) address an internal management conflict, or (4) iron out the final details of a new venture it is wise to engage a mediator with a proven track record in business law and litigation.   

Roxann S. Smithers, Esq. is a registered neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.  She brings almost twenty years of experience ushering matters through every stage of a legal dispute—from claim investigation, to demand, to alternative dispute resolution, and jury trial.  When not litigating matters, Roxann provides corporate law services to clients, including contract negotiation, business venture structure, and corporate governance.  

SLG is innovating the mediation process

•  Specialized services for business disputes and deals.
•  Flat rate pricing.  Parties can plan ahead with no surprise bills after your session.
•  Virtual Sessions.  Save time and money on travel.  Convenient scheduling for the parties.
•  Block Scheduling.  Book a half day for internal disputes.  Book a full day for adversarial or litigation matters.

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Mediation Services

• “Last mile” of the business deal negotiations• Business Divorces (Internal » External)
• New venture relationships• Business Divorces (Internal » External)
• Structure and Planning• De-escalation (Internal) Think Ombudsman

Mediation Fee Schedule

* Check availability and book your mediation session by selecting your preferred type of session detailed below.

Half-Day4 hours$1,000 (2 parties) / $1,200 (3+ parties)add $200 (2 parties) / $300 (3+ parties)
Full-Day8 hours$2,000 (2 parties) / $2,400 (3+ parties)add $200 (2 parties) / $300 (3+ parties)
Admin/Prep Fee $200 (2 parties) / $300 (3+ parties)$200 (2 parties) / $300 (3+ parties)

* There is no refund for mediation sessions that are cancelled by the parties less than 2 days before the original session date. There is a 50% refund for mediation sessions that are cancelled 5-7 days before the original session date. Mediations that ae cancelled 8 or more days in advance of the original session date will warrant a full refund less the Administrative Fee. If you request to reschedule your mediation less than 2 days before the session, the parties will be charged an additional Administrative Fee.