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Legal Contract Bank


Introducing the new Contract Bank!

A good contract is worth its weight in gold. To that end, Smithers Law Group, LLC, Your Trusted 360° General Counsel® offers THE CONTRACT BANK.

Master contract templates curated and written specifically for creative entrepreneurs. Each contract has been tailored to the needs of your industry and is designed to protect your interest while giving you flexible contracting options.

Each contract is accompanied by an explanatory video to help you understand the terms and how to use the document.

Your purchase gets you a PDF and an editable version of the contract that you can modify and use multiple times with multiple clients and customers.

Each reusable master contract costs $250


** The Contract Bank and Videos do not constitute legal advice or the creation of an attorney client relationship with SLG, its attorneys or affiliates. SLG disclaims any warranty that The Contract Bank documents are fit for particular purpose or warranty of merchantability whether express or implied. SLG disclaims any warranty of specific outcomes from the use of The Contract Bank and Videos **

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Artistic Performance | $250

Digital Marketing | $250

Ghostwriter | $250

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