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Easy AI Tools for Every Entrepreneur

Easy AI Tools for Every Entrepreneur

By: Sabrina Lowery

Let’s talk about how AI, or artificial intelligence, can be your secret tool for doing great in business, even if you’re not a tech wizard!

1. Make Your Website Smarter: You know how you visit websites and a little chat box pops up to help you? That’s AI at work! By setting this up on your own website, you can make sure your customers get answers to their questions instantly, any time of the day.

It’s like having a friendly robot who’s always there to help your visitors.

2. Writing Emails: Do you spend hours writing emails? AI can help! There are smart tools out there that can write drafts for you. All you need to do is check them over and hit send. This means you can write more emails, faster, and have more time for other important stuff.

3. Boost Your Social Media: Trying to keep up with Facebook, “X” (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram can feel like a full-time job. But guess what? AI can help schedule your posts, suggest what to say, and even find the best times to post them.

This means more likes, shares, and followers with less headache.

Try these apps for success: GoDaddy Website Builder, Canva, Microsoft CoPilot and Google Gemini. Let AI give you a hand. It’s like having a helpful assistant who’s always on duty, making your life easier and your business better. Let’s embrace the future together with innovative technology!


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Center Spotlight

The Small Business Mastermind Forum takes immense pleasure in showcasing the success stories of our small business and technical assistance clients. In the current quarter, we are thrilled to introduce you to Amber Carter, the dedicated owner of Kaylee’s Cake Pop and More. Amber had the privilege of being part of our 2Q2023 cohort in the Small Business Mastermind Forum Premier Series, generously sponsored by Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs.

Delighting taste buds and creating sweet memories—the journey of Kaylee Cake Pops and More started as a home-based business in 2016 when little Kaylee received her first cake pop machine from “Santa” at the tender age of six.  Little did they know that this innocent gift would blossom into something extraordinary. Kaylee Cake Pops and More emerged from the heartwarming bond between a mother and daughter, fueled by a shared passion for baking.

What began as a delightful pastime has evolved into a thriving business, driven not only by their love for creating delicious treats but also by the desire to build a lasting legacy for their family.

In August 2022, Amber and Kaylee’s dedication and passion were recognized when they were awarded the #Priceless title in the Mastercard Small Biz contest. Most recently, Kaylee Cake Pops and More was recognized by Starbuck’s during Black History Month where it was featured across 250 stores in Metro Atlanta and received a $5,000 award. Kaylee Cake Pops and More  has expanded its reach nationwide, gaining popularity with  its mobile SWEET truck. Kaylee Cake Pops and More isn’t just a dessert business; it’s a full-service mobile dessert truck and catering company that brings a variety of sweet treats right to your doorstep.

Currently, their focus is on three key areas of growth: corporate gifting, partnerships, and dessert catering. For corporate gifting, Kaylee Cake Pops and More aim to provide unique and delicious treats that leave a lasting impression. Their customizable options ensure that corporate clients and their employees receive a personalized experience that reflects their brand’s values.

Amber strongly believes in the power of collaboration, whether it’s teaming up with other small businesses for special events or forming strategic alliances. She remains open to exploring new opportunities that align with her vision and values.

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