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Finding the right words to make insurance coverage sound compelling? Check. SEO strategy for a product website? Check. Translating financial investing strategies into plain English? Check. Making sure that your compensation increases if the scope of the project increases or changes? Not so fast.

Copywriting is an art form. So is contract drafting. Just because you can do one, doesn’t mean you can do the other. That is why The Contract Bank offers the Copywriter Agreement. The master copywriting contract is prepared to meet the needs of copywriters and protects the value of their time and talent.

The master copywriting contract provides clear payment terms, scope of services/work, and terms for ownership of the work product, content, drafts, and other intellectual property. The agreement also provides a process for disputes, conflicts, or customer complaints to be resolved.

For a one-time payment of $250, you receive a PDF version of the Copywriter Agreement and an editable MS Word version. Both are available for you to use with multiple clients and customers.