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Natasha S.L. Banks

Employment Law ○ Compliance

The Employment Law Team is experienced in partnering with our business clients on a range of compliance and employment-related matters including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Advice and counsel on federal, state, agency, and other applicable employment laws and regulations (i.e., Title VII discrimination and retaliation, wage and hour, workplace safety, etc.) that affect their business and workforce;
  • Day-to-day employee relations issues, sensitive personnel disputes, workplace investigations and audits;
  • Employment agreements (i.e., separation, alternative work-arrangements, independent contractor, vendor engagement, etc.)
  • Hiring and recruitment compliance, reduction-in-force (RIF) processes, post-employment enforcement, and general termination practices;
  • Restrictive covenants;
  • Administrative charges, federal and state litigation, and pre-suit demands or threatened litigation as well as early resolutions such as settlement or mediation;
  • Employer handbook and policy drafts, reviews, and revisions;
    Management training; and
    DEI and cultural assessments

Our team is admitted throughout the state of Georgia and appears pro hac vice in those states where they are not admitted. We represent private companies from a variety of industries as well as public sector and government entities.

Understanding the culture and mission of each client’s business is an essential factor we employ to grasp the complexities they face, and to provide accurate and successful outcomes. It is our pleasure to serve as trusted advisors for our clients and deliver superior legal representation that meets their needs and demands.

Practice & Service Areas

Employment Counseling – S+U counsels employers on best practices with respect to hiring and retaining the best employees for their needs and complying with federal and state laws through the use of iron-clad employer-friendly employment agreements and change-in-control agreements, strong employment policies and procedures and training for HR staff. S+U also assists employers through the intricacies of voluntary and involuntary separations from service.

Worker Classification Issues and Audits – S+U works with companies in preparing independent contractor agreements that preserve the individuals’ status as independent contractors and secure the individuals’ services for the employers. We also assist companies in resolving worker misclassification issues and implementing administrative procedures to prevent the future occurrence of such issues.

Practice Areas


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