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SBMMF x ACE People Power and Payroll

People, Power, & Payroll is the second seminar of a four-part Small Business Mastermind Series powered by Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs in conjunction with the Atlanta Small Business Mastermind. In this virtual seminar, small business owners will gain a better understanding of opportunities and pitfalls as it pertains to employment law and various types of employees as well as various benefit options that business owners can use to attract talent to grow and scale their business.

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THE SORS COLLECTIVE is back Wednesday October 4, 2023

LAND—God Isn’t Making Any More of It. Real Estate investing attracts new people every day. Too often are ill prepared for the realities and end up on the wrong side of a “sure thing.” Tiffany and Roxann will discuss financial and legal insights to help you be a successful real estate investor and not a cautionary tale.

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