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Smithers Law Group Is Your Trusted 360° General Counsel®

Founded in 2012 by former big law firm attorneys, S+U is now SLG. SLG seeks to harness our educations and professional experiences to serve business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. SLG believes every type of business, irrespective of size, is entitled to sophisticated and skilled lawyers.

We know that smaller businesses and nonprofits like yours are always in need of good lawyers with solid training who can represent your interests – when you set up your business, when you negotiate the terms of vendor contracts with the big companies; or when you face yet another month of unpaid invoices by a client.

We have the pleasure and privilege of waking up each day working with business owners like you to reach your highest potential.


Quite simply, you. You and your business are the reasons why we practice law. We know you have big dreams and ideas about how to grow and expand your business—whether a for-profit corporation or a nonprofit organization geared to impact the world. And you deserve high-quality legal representation at all stages of your business – from choosing the best structure, drafting the necessary bylaws or operating agreements, negotiating the terms of your agreements with vendors and your customers/clients, retaining the services of the independent contractors and employees that fit your needs, to selling your business (or transferring it to the next generation of your family) when you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

At SLG, we simply want to come along side you and your business, and help you figure out how you can best run and operate your business. We want to help solve those legal problems that pop up from time-to-time and try to divert your attention from your business. Our hope is that the legal services we provide to your business will help it function at the highest possible levels, allowing you to maximize your profits and build your empire.

SLG believes you deserve to be represented by exceptional lawyers just like the big companies. So our firm exists to provide businesses like yours that kind of legal representation. SLG provides you with a variety of flexible rate structures that are tailored to your needs and financial goals.


By taking the time to listen to you. It is important to us that we hear and understand why your business is important to you; what you envision for your business, what goals you want to accomplish through your business, your thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

By creating clear and workable legal strategies for your business to follow. Once we have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish, we will work with you to develop a plan with specific action items that you can put into place and follow to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams for your business.

By taking a 360° approach to addressing problems and concerns. When working with you and your business, we will employ a holistic approach by looking at all aspects of your business to make sure that the advice we give you in one area does not adversely impact other parts of the business.

By providing cost-effective consultation sessions to address a targeted legal need or question. This is a great option for a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur who needs a sounding board before deciding on a course of action.

Our Mediation Services provide opportunity for resolve business disputes without costly and time-consuming litigation.

Our Legal Education Services offer business owners and organizations who support them valuable information and resources to take their businesses to new heights.

Our Contract Bank provides tailored master contracts for business owners and entrepreneurs across a plethora of creative industries.

For more information, visit Legal EducationConsultations, Mediation, Contract Bank or Blog.


SLG assists you in laying a strong foundation for your business. We help prepare clients for opportunities to grow and develop their businesses. That means drafting service contracts, to use with your growing customer base, developing policies and procedures for your employees and independent contractors, selecting the proper corporate structure for your business, and drafting and negotiating the terms of your contracts and agreements. We also advise clients regarding the legal issues affecting new customers and business opportunities.

We help you solve the problems that may keep you up at night – the vendor who constantly delivers your products two weeks late for no apparent reason; the client who stops paying you and now owes you $48,000; negotiate a settlement between you and that former employee who attempted to steal your business ideas and your customers for himself; the competitor who has decided to steal your trademarks for her own business. If you have a problem in your business, we will help you resolve that problem using the different tools in our legal toolkit.

Depending on the legal need, we will determine the tool(s) we believe will address your need in a timely manner and in a cost-effective manner. The tools for dispute resolution range from demand letters, negotiation, and mediation, to arbitration and litigation. We take into account your budget, business goals, and timeline to develop the best solution or plan of action. For day-to-day business operations, tools range from negotiation, to coaching, to operations advising, subject matter expert referrals, legal education and from preparation. The appropriate tool we use to solve your specific problem or meet a business goal will depend upon a number of factors including your values, the cost of using that tool, and the time it will take to resolve the problem.

There are four critical areas of law that will regularly impact your business – Litigation and Dispute ResolutionCorporate and Business Law, Employment Law and Intellectual Property.

Learn more about Litigation and Dispute ResolutionCorporate and Business LawEmployment Law, Intellectual Property.


Our approach is unique, because we offer virtual concierge legal services. SLG utilizes technology to provide legal advice and services to clients–near and far–who want to save the time and effort of travel. Our tools include telephone/video conferencing, file share portals, electronic billing/payment, and electronic communications. We will even come to you to learn about your business, meet your people, and advise you in a familiar environment. Finally, we have access to co-working spaces to accommodate clients with their own virtual businesses. SLG’s virtual concierge legal services allow for cost effective rates, as well as convenience to you.


We care about the business community, which is why we have a passionate commitment to Legal Education for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. We give our time, talent and referral resources to educate clients, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs about the fundamental legal issues that impact for-profit and non-profit businesses. We produce seminars, write articles, and curate relevant information to empower and inform business owners.

We also care about the metro Atlanta community at large. This is why, since the firm’s inception, we regularly lend our resources, time, and talent to several organizations such as the Children’s Burial Assistance, Inc., the Homeless Pet Foundation, Smyrna Rotary Club, JC Freedom House, Must Ministries and the Atlanta Women’s Community Kitchen, as well as other charitable causes that are making a profound impact on societal ills, conditions, and forces here in the Atlanta area.


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