Business Formation

S+U advises start-up companies regarding the most suitable corporate organizational structure to meet their mission and needs, and shepherds them through routine incorporation processes and registration with the applicable Secretary of State.

S+U drafts and tailors corporate bylaws, articles of incorporation, operating agreements, operational policies, mission statements, and other important organizational documents to guide and propel your business toward continual legal compliance and optimal internal and external performance.


S+U attorneys represent clients in various sectors of the construction industry—from owners to material suppliers.

Our outstanding construction law services include preservation and enforcement of liens, and payment/performance bond rights.

S+U attorneys advise clients on drafting, reviewing, and negotiating construction contracts, including standard AIA and DBIA forms.

S+U assists its clients with submission of bids, requests for proposals, and requests for qualifications.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Contractual agreements serve as the legal roadmap for every business relationship.

Business entities and individuals alike must take care that their rights, obligations, representations and warranties are memorialized clearly and definitively in well-crafted, legally binding written agreements.

S+U provides such comprehensive contract services.  Where the client can dictate the contract template, S+U can efficiently tailor and negotiate contractual agreements for repeat use in connection with the provision of standard, novel, upgraded, and experimental services and products.

S+U can deftly prepare amendments, modifications and riders to standard industry contracts, such as the AIA contracts of the construction industry.

Where the customer cannot dictate the contract template, S+U will review, revise and negotiate contracts in the first instance on behalf of its clients.

Finally, S+U can assist clients in submitting responses to Requests for Proposals and disseminating Requests/Invitations for Bids.

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